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It takes a serious commitment to make coffee the world's first fully sustainable agricultural product.

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S&D supports the production of 150 million lbs. of sustainable coffee via its sustainable sourcing platform RAIZ, while impacting the livelihoods of 10,000 farming families. More about S&D's commitment >

By 2020, invest $50 million in our Global Farmer Fund to provide affordable access to credit to coffee farmers. Providing access to credit at reasonable terms is an important component of our farmer support model... More about Starbucks' commitment >

Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) initiated the Plan for the Care of Coffee in October 2015. The Plan commits to unite efforts and increase coffee production to 4.5 million... More about SAGARPA's commitment >

100% of coffee verified as supporting sustainable production by 2020. More about McDonalds' commitment >

By 2020, 100% of Own Brand coffee products are certified to an acceptable standard. Standards currently accepted include UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade, or equivalent. More about Ahold's commitment >

ASU commits to annually involve undergraduate and graduate students in classroom and research projects involving sustainable coffee. More about Arizona State University's commitment >

By 2020, Solidaridad has supported, in collaboration with its sector partners, over 100.000 farmers and farm workers globally to produce and sell sustainable coffee... More about Solidaridad's commitment >

Within our FairChain philosophy to add more value in the coffee producing countries, we aim to expand our coffee roasting, packing and branding capacity in Ethiopia by building a new roasting facility in 2018. More about Moyee's commitment >

By 2020, 100% of our coffee from individual estates will be responsibly sourced and marketed based on our sustainability guidelines. More about Mi Cafeto's commitment >

Demand for coffee could triple by 2050

Together, we can meet this demand in a smart, sustainable way as long as we are guided by the same compass.

Discover How

Improve Livelihoods

  • Gender, Youth + Indigenous People
  • Education + Health
  • Labor Conditions

Conserve Nature

  • Climate Change
  • Water Conservation
  • Forest Conservation + Reforestation

Strengthen Market Demand

  • Consumer Education + Awareness
  • Sourcing Policies
  • Consumer Country Policy

Sustain Supply

  • Standards/ Certification
  • Producer Country Policy
  • Access to Finance
  • Access to Inputs
  • Renovation
  • Technical Assistance

Improve Livelihoods

Conserve Nature

Strengthen Market Demand

Sustain Supply