help BUILD stronger coffee communities


This year, in honor of National and International Coffee Day, the Sustainable Coffee partners are coming together to support coffee communities. Your support will help plant coffee-friendly trees that will help create climate resilient coffee farms in Colombia, Honduras or Peru.

As a leader in specialty coffee and innovative single serve brewing systems, Keurig Dr Pepper is committed to using the power of business to Brew a Better World™. They have integrated social responsibility into all aspects of their business –... More about Keurig Dr Pepper's commitment >

Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the top public research universities in the United States and was recently ranked #1 in the U.S. for innovation byU.S. News and World Report. ASU uses an interdisciplinary approach to engage in collaborative... More about Arizona State University's commitment >

Starbucks has a longstanding commitment to improving the sustainability and longevity of coffee production, specifically prioritizing making coffee the world’s first sustainable product. As a founding member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, Starbucks has been an industry leader in helping... More about Starbucks' commitment >

Moyee Coffee is the world’s first FairChain company, and is committed to producing sustainable coffee and creating skilled roasting jobs. By roasting the beans locally in Ethiopia, Moyee Coffee recognizes that there is 300% more money left in the coffee... More about Moyee's commitment >

Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) promotes the sustainable use of resources, the generation of attractive sources of employment, and the continued competitiveness of agricultural products. In October 2015, SAGARPA initiated the Plan for the... More about SAGARPA's commitment >

Ahold Delhaize is one of the world’s largest food retail groups and a leader in both supermarkets and e-commerce. Its family of strong, local brands serves more than 50 million customers each week in 11 countries. Together, these brands employ... More about Ahold's commitment >

Based out of Utrecht, the Netherlands, Solidaridad has worked since 1969 to ensure both producer support and sustainable supply chains in a number of agricultural sectors. Solidaridad fights to ensure that coffee is not only grown in an environmentally conscious... More about Solidaridad's commitment >

Nestlé Nespresso SA is the pioneer and reference for highest-quality portioned coffee, which has redefined and revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy their espresso coffee. The company works with more than 70,000 farmers in 12 countries through its AAA... More about Nespresso's commitment >

Walmart Inc. helps people around the world save money and live better - anytime and anywhere - in retail stores, online, and through their mobile devices. Each week, over 260 million customers and members visit our more than 11,600 stores... More about Walmart's commitment >

Founded in 2008 by José Kawashima, Mi Cafeto is dedicated to improving the quality of coffee across the globe. Their endeavors are not limited to producing the best quality coffee bean, but extend to all levels of production and supply.... More about Mi Cafeto's commitment >

Founded in 1927, S&D Coffee & Tea is the largest custom coffee roaster in America. S&D’s capabilities extend into the evolving world of extracts and ingredients – creating new possibilities for culinary applications and exciting new beverage choices for customers.... More about S&D's commitment >

Founded in 1955 and currently the second-largest restaurant chain in the world, McDonald’s takes seriously its commitment to increase the sustainability of coffee sourcing. Since 2008 McDonald’s has been committed to practicing sustainable coffee farming and sourcing through the serving... More about McDonalds' commitment >

Demand for coffee could triple by 2050

Together, we can meet this demand in a smart, sustainable way as long as we are guided by the same compass.

Discover How

Improve Livelihoods

  • Gender, Youth + Indigenous People
  • Education + Health
  • Labor Conditions

Conserve Nature

  • Climate Change
  • Water Conservation
  • Forest Conservation + Reforestation

Strengthen Market Demand

  • Consumer Education + Awareness
  • Sourcing Policies
  • Consumer Country Policy

Sustain Supply

  • Standards/ Certification
  • Producer Country Policy
  • Access to Finance
  • Access to Inputs
  • Renovation
  • Technical Assistance

Improve Livelihoods

Conserve Nature

Strengthen Market Demand

Sustain Supply