Neumann Kaffee Gruppe

Advisory Council Member

We are the leading green coffee service group. With 49 companies in 27 countries, NKG operates globally and offers a broad range of quality services & products along the green coffee value chain. Service for us means focusing on the needs and objectives of our clients' customers and suppliers alike.

Producer / Co-op

Our Commitments

To improve the livelihoods of 300,000 smallholder coffee farmers’ through NKG BLOOM, our sustainable sourcing strategy, by 2030.

In partnership with: IDH the sustainable trade initiative, USAID, Rabobank, BNP PARIBAS, ABN AMRO, Mastercard Foundation, MasterCard Inc, CIAT [International Center for Tropical Agriculture]


August 2023

The NKG Bloom offer to producers includes training in coffee-farming and business best practices, plus access to markets, infrastructure, inputs, seedlings and financing. There is no one-size-fits-all solution: What makes NKG Bloom unique is the diversity of its service packages addressing the needs of producers in each NKG Bloom country. Currently, NKG Bloom is implemented in four countries: Mexico, Honduras, Kenya, and Uganda. In Mexico, Honduras and Uganda we increased the number of producers accessing our services by 30% on average. For 2023, we are set to expand the service offer to new origins.

Status 30% complete
Target date 2030
Countries targeted Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Uganda