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Based out of Utrecht, the Netherlands, Solidaridad has worked since 1969 to ensure both producer support and sustainable supply chains in a number of agricultural sectors. Solidaridad fights to ensure that coffee is not only grown in an environmentally conscious way, but that those small-scale coffee farmers which depend on growing coffee for their living can do so safely and profitably. Solidaridad is working to go beyond just certification for sustainably-managed coffee farms, and in 2016 developed multiple proofs of concept in Mexico, Columbia and Peru that combined higher and more consistent productivity and quality with more environmentally-conscious farming methods.

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Partner Since December 2015

Our Commitments

Solidaridad commits to sequester 2.539.141 tons of carbon emissions through its programmes and activities with smallholder farmers and sector partners in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nicaragua by 2029. We will promote carbon capture above and below ground with agroforestry systems and soil conservation practices.

Target date 2029
Countries targeted Kenya, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Uganda

Solidaridad commits to bringing 451,047 hectares under improved management through its programmes and activities with smallholder farmers and sector partners in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru and Colombia by 2029. The management practices promoted will strengthen the resilience of agro-ecosystems and the farmers who depend on them for their livelihoods

Target date 2029
Countries targeted Colombia, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda

By 2020, Solidaridad has supported, in collaboration with its sector partners, over 100.000 farmers and farm workers globally to produce and sell sustainable coffee. Solidaridad strives to increase productivity, improve gender equity, enhanced working conditions and reduce the environmental footprint through the adoption of climate smart practices, gender-inclusive policies, fair labor practices and the use of affordable inputs. Solidaridad is committed to work with the global industry, financial sector, public entities and knowledge institutes to co-develop efficient and economically viable service-delivery models that provide trainings, digital solutions, inputs and blended finance for farmers in Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Tanzania and Uganda.

By 2020, Solidaridad has effectively supported non-competitive collaboration between global and national sector platforms in 5 countries in order to develop and implement the enabling conditions for the production and sales of sustainable coffee for the current and next generation of coffee farmers.

In partnership with: Multiple partners

Target date 2020
Countries targeted Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda