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Founded in 1955 and currently the second-largest restaurant chain in the world, McDonald’s takes seriously its commitment to increase the sustainability of coffee sourcing. Since 2008 McDonald’s has been committed to practicing sustainable coffee farming and sourcing through the serving of only Rainforest Alliance, UTZ or Fairtrade Certified coffee in all of its European locations. By 2015, over one-third of McDonald’s global coffee supply came from certified sustainable sources, with a company-wide goal of sourcing 100% of McDonald’s coffee through sustainable methods by just 2020. McDonald’s believes strongly that through cooperation, coffee can be the world’s first truly sustainable agricultural product.

Statement of support

“We are excited to join forces with other industry leaders to support Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge. We are on a journey to serve all of our customers responsibly sourced, high quality coffee from verified sources by 2020. Our size and global reach give us the responsibility to lead meaningful change around the world. Joining the Sustainable Coffee Challenge furthers this commitment knowing, together, we can make coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural product.” Victoria Zimmerman, Manager of Strategic Sourcing - Coffee, McDonald’s Corporation

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Our Commitments

100% of coffee verified as supporting sustainable production by 2020.

Target date 2020
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