Our Collective Commitment

As a tree crop farmed by millions, coffee has the potential to be a sustainable, natural climate solution and once again lead the way on sustainability within the agricultural sector. Coffee consumption continues to rise globally and meeting this would require at least doubling production levels by 2050. If the sector can do so on the existing 10 million hectares of coffee lands over the next 25 years, we can improve the livelihoods and economic viability of farmers and workers, conserve 10M hectares of forest, and avoid at least 1.5GT of carbon emissions. To realize this potential by 2050, we have established the following goals & incremental targets.

Building on the success and learnings of the past 5 years, in the first half of 2020, the partners in the Sustainable Coffee Challenge defined a set of 2050 goals and interim 2025 targets to unlock unprecedented commitments and actions – individual and collective – towards our joint vision.


Recognizing the need for more ambitious and transparent sustainability commitments throughout the coffee sector, the initial 5-year targets that together form “our collective commitment” to becoming a sustainable sector by 2050, focus on improving livelihoods + wellbeing, building resilient supply, conserving nature and strengthening market demand.


Challenge Collective Commitment

What next?

The way we move the needle is through action! Have you already provided feedback and are ready to spread the word about our collective commitment? Well then, the next step is to think about how your organization aligns commitments to the 2025 targets. Do have an existing commitment that contributes to PEOPLE, PLANET, COFFEE or MARKETS? Or are you in the process of developing a new commitment? State your commitment now!

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge is here to help! Email us at scc@conservation.org to set up a time to discuss your commitment, or:

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