All you need to know about the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and coffee sustainability

We know that our collective vision to make coffee the world's first sustainable agricultural product depends on effectively communicating and sharing our work. These resources aim to help our partners, media and coffee lovers best understand what coffee could be.

The Challenge Starts Here

Read the Sustainable Coffee Challenge brochure, our Sustainability Framework brochure + 15 intervention pathway cards, and the 2020 5-Year Plan.

"Sustain Our Coffee" Sustainable Coffee Challenge Brochure
Sustainability Framework Brochure
Sustainability Framework: 15 Intervention Pathway Cards
2020 Challenge 5-Year Plan, 3-Pager

Our Collective Commitment

Sustainable Coffee Challenge partners have co-developed common metrics to track and communicate — at an aggregate — progress against our 2050 goal and the 2025 targets. Browse the metrics by 2025 target compass point below to select the ones most relevant for your commitment(s).

Scc Goals Targets Metrics Conserve Nature
Scc Goals Targets Metrics Wellbeing
Scc Goals Targets Metrics Sourcing
Scc Goals Targets Metrics Resilient
All Metrics Combined

Coffee Sustainability: Resources + Studies

What do we know about the present and future of coffee sustainability? Will climate change and increased demand lead to new deforestation? Start with "Coffee in the 21st Century."

"Coffee in the 21st Century" Future of Coffee Report
Executive Summary: "Coffee In The 21st Century"
Supporting Farmers in a Volatile Coffee Market
Coffee Barometer 2018
Brewing Up Climate Resilience In The Coffee Sector
"Brewing Up Climate Resilience in the Coffee Sector:" 15 Country Profiles
[English] Executive Summary: Renovation & Rehabilitation for Resilient Coffee Farms Guidebook
[English] Renovation & Rehabilitation for Resilient Coffee Farms: A Guidebook for Roasters, Traders and Supply Chain Partners
SE Asia Carbon Footprint Study

Pocket Guides from our Action Networks

Need an introduction to the themes of our four Action Networks? Begin with these "pocket guides."

Scc Pocket Guide Spatial Collection English 2024V1
Scc Guidance Brochure Climateand Coffee 412022
SCC Pocket Guide: Renovation and Rehabilitation
SCC Pocket Guide: Coffee + Forest Mapping + Monitoring
SCC Pocket Guide: Sustainable Sourcing
Scc Pocket Guide Labor February 2024
One Pager Aroma Apm 2024

Commitments Hub

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge's Commitments Hub showcases and tracks each partner’s unique contribution to making coffee the first sustainable agricultural product. Ready to enter the Hub? This Guidebook will assist your journey. Peruse the 2019 Commitments Hub Report to understand the Hub's major findings, to-date.

Commitments Hub Guidebook
2019 Commitments Hub Report
2020 Hub Report
2021 Hub Report
2022 Hub Report
2023 Hub Report

All-Partner Meeting Binders

Review the material that we provide each year at the Sustainable Coffee Challenge's All-Partner Meeting.

"#SustainCoffee" All-Partner Meeting 2018
"The Time Is Now" All-Partner Meeting 2019
"All In" All-Partner Meeting Binder 2020
Apm 2023 Resources


These coffee and carbon country prioritization info-graphics serve as background resources to the Challenge strategy.

[Infographic] Countries High Potential For Deforestation Today
[Infographic] Countries High Potential For Deforestation in the Future
[Infographic] Countries With Potential For Significant Carbon Emissions Due To Declining Coffee Area
[Infographic] Countries With High Potential For Reforestation Via Coffee
[Infographic] Countries With High Potential For Avoided Carbon Forest Loss Via Renovation And Rehabilitation Investments Final
[Infographic] Brazil Example Country Infographic Final