Moyee Coffee

Moyee Coffee is the world’s first FairChain company, and is committed to producing sustainable coffee and creating skilled roasting jobs. By roasting the beans locally in Ethiopia, Moyee Coffee recognizes that there is 300% more money left in the coffee producing country. Moyee Coffee is based in Amsterdam, joined the Sustainable Coffee Challenge in 2017 and remains committed to addressing the social and ecological challenges facing the coffee sector.

Statement of support

“Moyee Coffee believes we need an impact revolution in the coffee chain, as producing countries earn too little for their valuable beans. Being the first FairChain company, Moyee roasts its coffee at origin, in Ethiopia that is, to generate more value in producing countries and creating skilled roasting jobs. We are very excited to be part of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, as we feel this industry initiative creates a frontline of sustainability in coffee. With all the social and ecological challenges facing the coffee sector, we believe we all have to think big and act big together to lift the bar for the whole sector. Viva la revolucion!” Guido van Staveren van Dijk, Founder

Action Networks
Partner Since March 2017

Our Commitments

Within our FairChain philosophy to add more value in the coffee producing countries, we aim to expand our coffee roasting, packing and branding capacity in Ethiopia by building a new roasting facility in 2018 which will enable us to provide 50 jobs and roast 500,000 kgs of coffee in producing countries by 2020 Within our FairChain philosophy, to work directly with smallholder farmers and procure premium coffee at a premium price, we aim to train 300 smallholder farmers with 25 trainers, through our train-trainer-program in Limu, Ethiopia, by 2018.

Target date ON-GOING
Countries targeted Ethiopia