Fundacion Cohonducafe

Founded in 2013, Fundación COHONDUCAFÉ promotes the development and improvement of the coffee sector in Honduras by supporting initiatives that promote productivity, economic growth, social responsibility and environmental care. Fundación COHONDUCAFÉ encourages gender equality across all sectors and promotes the continued education of young coffee growers. As one of the first partners to join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, Fundación COHONDUCAFÉ remains dedicated to the sustainable production of coffee and the long-term conservation of nature.

Statement of support

“After learning more about the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, we found some common areas of interest in which we may collaborate together. In this sense, we support the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and encourage this wonderful organization to continue striving for a greater good and achieve the overall goal, making coffee the first sustainable agricultural product.” Eduardo A. Rivera, Project and International Relations Manager

Nonprofit or Institution
Action Networks
Partner Since April 2017

Our Commitments

Fundacion COHONDUCAFE contributes to the sustainable production of coffee, through different projects that include strengthening the capacities of coffee producers, economic and educational development of coffee families in Honduras. Our programs include: Technical Assistance and Training for Coffee Growers, Sustainable Production Program, Social & Environmental Sustainability Program, Gender Equality Program, Access to Markets Program, Health and Nutrition Program, Access to Financing Program, among others. We have established strategic alliances at the national level and also with international organizations that validate the work we jointly carry out. We promote gender equality, as well as the development of skills in the young generations of coffee growers. We have an integrated measurement system with which we have the opportunity to visualize the progress of the projects in which we work.

In partnership with: Our partners include different Roasters, Importers, local and international NGO’s and other allies that share our vision, to enhance the living conditions of coffee growers and their communities in a sustainable way

Target date 2020
Countries targeted Honduras