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World Coffee Research (WCR) is dedicated to working toward a sustainable future by intertwining scientific research with industry-wide collaboration and development. Understanding that the root of coffee’s success lies within the sustainability of the coffee plant, WCR has historically invested heavily in researching coffee genetics, coffee chemistry and adapting the coffee plant to climate change. WCR believes expanding access to more durable and higher-quality coffee will overtime encourage industry-wide stability and growth – both essential components to the overall longevity of the coffee industry.

Statement of support

“Coffee is at risk. The livelihoods of coffee farmers and the businesses who rely on these farmers to grow great coffee are urgently threatened by climate change, chronic low yields, diseases and pests, and barriers to quality. The most efficient way to solve these complex problems for both business and farmers is through pre-competitive, mutual cooperation in collaborative research and development. World Coffee Research, is an unique organization dedicated to collaborative, cross-sector approaches to scientific research and development and we are honored to join so many other organizations working through the Sustainable Coffee Challenge to address the challenges that lie at the heart of our shared future.” Tim Schilling, CEO, World Coffee Research

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Our Commitments

Expand access to improved varieties for coffee producers around the world.

In partnership with: AFCA, ANACAFE, CABI, CATIE, Higher Education Center Costa Rica, CIAT, CIRAD, CCRI, CRI Zimbabwe, CRI Kenya, CRS, EMBRAPA CAFÉ, ECOM Trading, Inc., HNRS, HARC, ICCRI, IHCAFE, IITA, ICBRD, INECOL, INERA, J.Hill & Cia, JNC, KALRO, Keurig, Mercon, NAEB, Nicafrance, NCCL, PNCB, PROMECAFE, RTC, Starbucks, Southern Cross University Australia, Finca Alsacia, Sucafina, Texas A&M University, UCB Bukavu, USAID, Volcafe

Target date 2027
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