The Sustainability Consortium

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is a global nonprofit committed to bringing leading companies together to introduce greater transparency into supply chains worldwide. TSC uses science-based reporting to introduce innovative sustainability practices to various industries, in turn supporting companies as they define, develop and deliver more sustainable products to consumers. The mission to improve the sustainability of coffee is reflected in TSC’s ultimate goal of having consumer products be enjoyed without causing harm to people or going beyond the environmental limits of our planet.

Statement of support

“TSC is a global non-profit organization working to transform the consumer goods industry by partnering with leading companies to define, develop, and deliver more sustainable products, including increasing visibility into supply chains around the coffee industry. Supported by over 100 members across the consumer products industry, TSC works with growers, manufacturers and retailers to understand and address hotspots in managing supply chains around coffee and covering between 80-90% of sustainable impacts on all consumer goods. TSC is proud to bring our members and research together to join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge to help make sustainable coffee better for business and better for the planet.”

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Our Commitments

By 2020, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) will be supporting global retailers in the deployment of supplier sustainability surveys covering 100M USD in coffee purchasing, thus sending a strong market signal for sustainable coffee. To facilitate this, TSC will release its coffee supplier survey and other components of its coffee toolkit into the public domain, and work with others towards broader alignment.

In partnership with: Other members of Sustainable Coffee Challenge


December 2019

We have released the TSC Coffee toolkit into the public domain as planned. This includes the hotspots [materiality assessment], KPIs, and supply chain diagram.


Our toolkits are now being used by Walmart, Sam's Club, Krogers, Sprouts, and Walgreens.

April 18, 2018:

We have released our coffee toolkit into the public domain. This includes the Category Sustainability Profile, the Supply Chain Diagram, the KPIs to measure performance, and the Commodity Mapping Report. https://www.sustainabilitycons... Currently, the KPI survey covers about 40M USD in coffee sales, so we are 40% towards our 2020 goal of covering 100M USD.

Status 100% complete
Target date 2020
Countries targeted Global