Mountain Harvest

Mountain Harvest is an innovative coffee production company that works to raise the quality of life for smallholder Arabica coffee farmers on Mt Elgon in eastern Uganda, by increasing incomes, helping build farm and household assets and enhancing farmer resilience to shocks on a commercially and environmentally sustainable basis. The company was founded in 2017, with an investment from Lutheran World Relief’s [LWR] investment holding company, Ground Up Investing.

Statement of support

Mountain Harvest, a coffee company owned by Ground Up Investing - an investment arm of Lutheran World Relief was born to challenge the norms regarding coffee production in Uganda. We are a company committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable coffee produced under the best farming practices. Our core belief is to improve the quality of life of the farmers and demonstrate their unrealised potential. Our mission is to generate an ecosystem based on quality, promoting better terms of trade in the communities, ensuring stable living incomes, and generating a positive social and environmental impact.

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Partner Since 2020

Our Commitments

We strive for the best sustainable practices and an ever-growing impact on the local producers and communities. We are endeavouring to be the showcase example in the development and future growth of Ugandan high-altitude coffee.

Mountain Harvest commits to provide farmers it sources coffee from with superior terms of trade with respect to price, liquidity and transparency and to steadily build trusting and productive relationships with both farmers and roasters.

a] Ensure that by 2021 100% of the farmers supplying Mountain Harvest are organic certified

b] Ensure that by 2022 80% of the farmers working with Mountain Harvest practice good agricultural practices including application of organic fertilizers in their coffee farms

c] Ensure that by 2023 80% of the farmers working with Mountain Harvest have diversified income to meet the cost of a decent standard of living

In partnership with: Lutheran World Relief

Target date 2023
Countries targeted Uganda