Bay Coffee & Tea Company

Bay Coffee & Tea Company is a coffee company committed to education and research while providing an excellent line of coffees to our customers.– Developing sustainability programs based on UN SDGs is the foundation for Bay Coffee's work. With a laser-focus on sustainability, we work closely with alliance partners to incorporate renewable energy processes in the production of coffee to reduce deforestation and its impact on climate change.

Statement of support

"As a coffee education company, Bay Coffee has long been committed to sourcing sustainable coffee and developing long term partnerships with all contributors along the supply link from farmer to consumer. By working with universities and colleges to develop academic programs on sustainable future development, we are able to influence our customers, over a cup of sustainably produced coffee, to share information within their varied networks that sustainably produced coffees have a significant positive environmental impact by reducing deforestation, our world climate crisis, and carbon emissions. Our vision is to represent a universal message throughout the coffee community."

Action Networks
Partner Since February 2021

Our Commitments

1. To actively work with universities and colleges, through alliances and partnerships to place equipment and incorporate science-based strategies that help point of origin farmers successfully produce coffee using environmentally friendly strategies;

2. To provide sustainable development goals programs that increase awareness and action among coffee consumers.

In partnership with: Hospitality

Target date 2022
Countries targeted North America