Association Café Africa

Café Africa’s work to unlock the full potential of the coffee industry in Africa focuses on seizing the opportunity of both the increasing global coffee demand and Africa’s production potential to contribute to the sustainable alleviation of rural poverty. Founded in 2006, Café Africa initiates and supports the definition and implementation of national coffee sector strategies at the invitation of national authorities and the coffee industry. At the intersection of various coffee-industry stakeholders, Café Africa has been instrumental in introducing revolutionary sustainability practices to industry, influencing the over 40 million people in Africa who depend on for their livelihood.

Nonprofit or Institution
Partner Since December 2016

Our Commitments

Our NGO Cafe Africa has a 3D approach. We work with coffee producing countries in Africa in order to Deliver them from Donor Dependency. It is Café Africa’s aim that smallholder coffee producers, who choose to remain with their coffee, can make a lasting and affordable business from coffee farming. This will not be a stand-alone effort and hence Café Africa is positioning itself as a neutral and effective backbone organization for achieving collective impact in this area, working both with public and private partners.

In partnership with: Public and private partners united in national coffee platforms in the countries that we are currently operating (Tanzania, Uganda and DR Congo)

Target date 2025
Countries targeted Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda