Reily Foods

Reily Foods is a 5th-generation, family-owned company that was founded in 1902 ( We’re one of the largest coffee roasters in America with brands like New England, French Market, JFG, and CDM. Our company is also a leading manufacturer and marketer of tea, mayonnaise, cake flour, chili mixes, sauces, and salad dressings. Reily is committed to producing our products in ways that support thriving communities and a healthy planet for generations to come. Our sustainability pillars include 1) Sustainable Sourcing, 2) Responsible Purchasing, 3) Efficient Operations, & 4) Giving Back. Our coffee sustainable sourcing is focused on specific regions of Central America with grass roots programs providing hundreds of thousands of seedlings annually as well as technical assistance at the farm level. Our comprehensive Sustainability Program puts us on solid footing for another 100 years.


Our Commitments

In partnership with LIFT, we have committed to support a Cluster of coffee farms in the Lempiras region of Honduras. The prosperity and well-being of producers will be supported via Technical Assistance Services and Reily Foods will purchase their coffee at an equitable price beginning in 2020.

In partnership with: LIFT [Mercon]


September 2021

In 2020, we followed through on our commitment to support a Cluster of Coffee Farms in the Lempiras region of Honduras. We coordinated with the LIFT program to provide Technical Agronomy Training focused on improving soil health, water management and yields per hectare.

Status 25% complete
Target date 2024
Countries targeted South America

As an ongoing part of our Sustainable Cup Program, which we initiated in 2018, we will continue to provide 440,000 disease and drought-resistant seedlings annually to farmers in Nicaragua and Honduras with the expectation of improving productivity by over 60% through 2023.

In partnership with: Mercon LIFT


September 2021

Reily Foods supported the provision of 440,000 hybrid coffee seedlings at a subsidized price to coffee farmers in Central America. The seedlings are drought and disease resistant and are expected to improve yields by up to 60% once fully mature. Every tree counts for coffee farmers and these seedlings allow them to renovate their farms at a reduced cost.

Status 45% complete
Target date 2023
Countries targeted North America