Reily Foods

Reily Foods is a 4th-generation, family-owned company that provides the wholesome and authentic foods and beverages that create meals and memories that bring together family and friends.
Since 1902, we’ve helped to define the true food and beverage flavors of the South. We’re proud of our New Orleans heritage – it continues to shape the way we make our products and the way we believe in doing business. Our commitment to quality is more than a corporate promise – it’s a Reily family tradition.

Reily Foods Company continues to manufacture and market the highest quality coffee [New England Coffee, French Market Coffee] and tea brands as well as mayonnaise, cake flour, sauces, chili seasonings, salad dressings, and brownie mixes throughout the U.S. and, for select products, internationally. The consumer demand for Reily Foods Company products reflects the impressive loyalty of our customers and continues to drive our company’s growth.


Our Commitments

In partnership with LIFT, we have committed to support a Cluster of coffee farms in the Lempiras region of Honduras. The prosperity and well-being of producers will be supported via Technical Assistance Services and Reily Foods will purchase their coffee at an equitable price beginning in 2020.

In partnership with: LIFT [Mercon]

Target date 2024
Countries targeted South America