Holonic’s mission is to contribute to creating a society with fulfillment, purposefulness and decent work for our employees, customers and suppliers. Using our community hotel brand ‘SETRE’ , we provide various opportunities for customers to learn and experience our environment, purposeful suppliers, culture, and artisanship. we're committed to share fascinating stories about the area where our hotel's located.

Statement of support

While Holonic is currently focusing on regional activities in Japan, we aim to extend our activities to connect employees, suppliers and customers on a global scale. As our first trial, we will source sustainably grown coffee while providing support to that coffee farm. We will introduce environmentally and socially responsible coffee and its story to our customers in order to take part in the sustainable coffee industry.

Action Networks
Partner Since June 2019

Our Commitments

From 2020, Holonic will support children of indigenous workers and the surrounding community near the coffee farm where it is procuring coffee by improving the nutrition of meals provided at the local school.

In partnership with: Mi Cafeto Co. Ltd,. / KOTOWA Estate

Target date 2023
Countries targeted Panama