We handle coffee that knows where, what kind of person, and how it was made, and we calculate and roast the necessary amount every day.

We sell it at a reasonable price so that the whole family can drink it every day.


Our Commitments

88% of our customers are regular customers.

Therefore, the coffee bean package should be recycled and we have been working on it since 2005.

Currently, 2,520 bags are reused annually. Its weight is 17.6kg.

We will continue to increase the reuse rate of containers and packaging.


November 2022

Since 2005, we have offered a discount of 40 yen per bag of 200g if you bring your own container for coffee beans.

The most frequent use was from April 2019 to March 2020, and 2962 coffee bean bags were reused, which weighs about 20.7 kg. And the reuse rate at this time is 24.3%

Status 24% complete
Target date 2026
Countries targeted Asia