Well-Being + Prosperity

Ensuring coffee contributes to improved working conditions, income and profitability for coffee growers, workers and their families

Our Collective Goal

This Network works to achieve the collective action and investment needed to meet the 2025 Wellbeing + Prosperity sector target set by the Challenge in 2020.

2025 Target: Establish living income /living wage benchmarks in 80% of ICO member producing countries; contribute to public and private and other partnerships to close living income and living wage gaps; and fully protect the rights and well-being of coffee farmer households and coffee farm workers.

The Network will share knowledge on best practices to improve farmer prosperity, create a Guidance Document based on case studies and successful models, and develop a pre-competitive tool to assess labor risks in producing countries.

Why it Matters

Globally, an estimated 125 million people depend on coffee for their livelihoods, including between 12-25 million smallholder farmers and an unknown number of hired workers. Global coffee commodity prices, climate change, crop diseases and other factors have increasingly put farmers’ and workers’ livelihoods at risk, and breaches of labor laws and workers’ rights have also been a persistent challenge in the sector. Focused attention and collaboration are needed from all actors in the coffee value chain to tackle these challenges.

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