Sustainable Sourcing

Sharing experience and lessons to help companies establish and achieve sourcing commitments. Exploring metrics and measurements across schemes to align, value and recognize shared progress

Sourcing has the power to institutionalize sustainable farming practices and ensure producers have access to the capital necessary to make vital investments in production and in their communities. Increasing interest and update in sustainability across supply chains will send strong signals to all actors while meeting increasing consumer demand for sustainable coffee. Increasing interest in sustainability across the sector sends strong signals to producers and producing countries and meets consumer demand for sustainable coffee.

Our Collective Goal

Inspire sourcing commitments through increased purchase of sustainable coffee across the supply chain and accelerate progress by sharing experience, lessons learned and approaches

This Network seeks to increase the demand for sustainable coffee by clarifying the business case for all actors. Supporting resources will help to build a road map and guide to best practices for sourcing. Core components and themes include 1) Making the business case for sustainability, 2) How to identify and choose an ideal sourcing strategy, and 3) Understand how to best measure impacts appropriate to unique needs by location in the value chain and according to customer requirements.

Why It Matters

Coffee producers face a range of challenges from climate change to volatile market prices that threaten the viability of coffee in the long term. Purchasing coffee on terms that reward producers who invest in sustainable production practices can transform the industry by ensuring farmers meet the cost of sustainable production and encouraging additional producers to join the movement.

Learn From Others: Case Studies

Case studies provide practical examples to demonstrate how different organizations have built partnerships and developed strategies. We compiled a series of 2-page case studies that profile Challenge partners that have made a public commitment to sustainable sourcing on our Hub. These case studies highlight the sourcing commitment, its business case, strategy and progress, and also include key lessons and advice to others. Explore some of the case studies, including Nespresso, Keurig, S&D and Farmer Brothers, below.

Interested in submitting a case study? Please contact us!

Nespresso: Sustainable Sourcing Case Study
Starbucks: Sustainable Sourcing Case Study
Allegro: Sustainable Sourcing Case Study
Keurig: Sustainable Sourcing Case Study
Moyee: Sustainable Sourcing Case Study
S&D Coffee and Tea: Sustainable Sourcing Case Study
EFICO: Sustainable Sourcing Case Study
Farmer Brothers: Sustainable Sourcing Case Study

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