Strategies for International Development

Strategies for International Development [SID] helps small coffee-farming families in Guatemala graduate from poverty by helping them build successful farm businesses that increase their income. This includes conserving the natural resources upon which their agro-businesses depend and helping women play an equal role in building these businesses.

Statement of support

SID fully supports the Sustainable Coffee Challenge’s efforts to help coffee-farming families increase their income and profitability from coffee in an environmentally sustainable way. All of SID’s projects have the co-equal goals of increasing farmer income and conserving and reclaiming land.

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Partner Since February 2019

Our Commitments

75% of the world’s poor are small farmers making the transition from subsistence to successful commercial farming. They farm marginal land that is eroded or susceptible to erosion. Farmers need assistance in conserving land and increasing income, but access to environmental and agricultural extension is extremely modest.

SID works with Mayan coffee-growing families in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala's poorest department. Coffee is the major cash crop, and farmers grow high-quality coffee on steep mountainsides that are highly susceptible to erosion and landslides. They do not conserve their mountainside land and coffee is an ideal crop for doing so.

SID contributes to the sustainable production of coffee by helping the majority of coffee farmers in a region learn and adopt the practices that increase their income and conserve their mountainside farmland. SID provides assistance to women so they participate equally in the technical assistance and in building their family coffee businesses.

Target date 2021
Countries targeted Guatemala