Solar Lifestyle GmbH

Solar Lifestyle GmbH joined the Sustainable Coffee Challenge in 2016 to further its commitment to reversing the effects of climate change and raising consumer awareness around sustainable practices. They have supported sustainable consumerism by encouraging cafés, restaurants and hotels to use renewable energy supplies and operate entirely absent of fossil energy. Based in Berlin, Solar Lifestyle GmbH has already made strides toward sustainably selling coffee with the introduction of the first Solarcafé in 1992 and continued efforts since then.

Statement of support

“Coffee and the whole coffee-market showcase the dramatic changes agriculture in general is facing due to climate change. Crop growing conditions are deteriorating, producing areas shrink. Renewable energy could be a key to social and environmental progress all over the world. That’s why we support the fossil free energy movement. Since 1995 Solarcafé is a concept to disseminate knowledge about the correlation of production and consumption. Sustainable coffee is part of our philosophy. We wish the campaign success in fostering a sustainable coffee business which improves the farmers’ every day live, conserves the environment and makes a cup of coffee a pure pleasure with clear conscience.” Sepp Fiedler, CEO

Partner Since January 2017

Our Commitments

According to the best practise models Solarcafé (Germany) and Café Solar (Honduras) Solar Lifestyle GmbH is on the move to provide coffee which is produced without using fossil energy. That means substituting as far as possible fossil energy for renewable energy along the whole process and supply chain. Solar Lifestyle will encourage cafés, restaurants and hotels to switch their locations to renewable energy supply. One such example is the Solarcafé in Kirchzarten located in the Black Forest near Freiburg. Solar Lifestyle GmbH will organize events in 2017 to promote the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and showcase the impact of climate change on the coffee production. To reduce the individual carbon dioxide emissions at home, a Solarcafé coffee maker set will be available in spring 2017.

In partnership with: Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI)

Target date 2020
Countries targeted Austria, Germany, Switzerland