Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee started with our founder's, Phil Jaber, dream to create a really great cup of coffee personalized for every individual. Throughout more than 50 stores in the US and Philz offers unique blends crafted by the cup.

Statement of support

With our green buying choices, Philz coffee department actively contributes to our company mission to “better people’s days”. We strive to deepen the “cup of love” our team members deliver by including conscientious care for the producers who grow our coffee and for everyone in the supply chain who assists in bringing our green coffee into our roasting plant. We currently work towards this by monitoring every purchase in our supply chain by capturing data in three broad, but measurable areas: traceability, commitment to worker safety and the environment, and active commitment to social values. Additionally, with every green coffee pound purchased, we contribute to Food 4 Farmers and World Coffee Research.

Action Networks
Partner Since April 2019

Our Commitments

Philz commits to supporting World Coffee Research in their effort to combat the impact of climate change on coffee production. Through donation dollars, we aim to drive the use of scientific research to inform and guide long-term solutions for the supply of specialty coffee.

In partnership with: Volcafe Specialty Coffee, Atlantic Specialty Coffee, Trabocca, Sustainable Harvest, InterContinental Coffee Traders, Castle

Target date 2024
Countries targeted Global

Philz commits to investing $25K to support clean water for coffee farming families in our Honduras coffee supply chain. Funds specifically Improve the living condition for the producers, collectors and workers in the coffee fields by having access to clean water, thus avoiding diseases and sicknesses.

In partnership with: Volcafe Specialty Coffee Corp, Molinos de Honduras

Target date 2021
Countries targeted Honduras