Resilient Coffee Landscapes

Leveraging global science and dialogue to drive action in priority places

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge presents a unique opportunity to align, address and accelerate sustainability efforts in a subset of landscapes in coffee origins.

What is a resilient landscape?

A resilient coffee landscape is a place where people steward natural capital alongside sustainable production systems at a scale that enhances the long-term human well-being of communities. Complementing traditional supply chain investments, the landscape approach brings together actors within a specific region to define priorities and collective goals.

By incorporating both the coffee farmland and the surrounding natural ecosystem or political boundary, sustainable landscape interventions can more effectively address the economic, social and environmental issues within the particular landscape or jurisdiction.

Leveraging Science

As we advance the work of the Challenge, we continue to leverage the latest science – led by Conservation International or partners – to develop and elevate tools and resources that will help guide decision making and prioritize, measure and manage investments in coffee sustainability on the ground.  

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Partnering to Align & Scale

Hand in hand with the International Coffee Organization’s (ICO) Coffee Public-Private Task Force – and with support from public donors – we convene and support the multi-stakeholder dialogue across the sector (global and regional) about landscape and jurisdictional approaches in coffee. Starting in 2023, the Challenge and the ICO Taskforce will expand a joint community of practice, to grow the collective body of knowledge across the sector around the need and added that sustainable landscape approaches offer to enhance the resilience of coffee communities. Partners in the Challenge and members of the ICO Task Force are invited to participate in the dialogue.

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Promoting Action on the Ground

Moving from learnings to action in specific coffee landscapes, the Challenge will identify, facilitate and share landscape level opportunities with partners to leverage and scale efforts toward common goals, determined by landscape actors.

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