TreeHouse Foods

TreeHouse Food, Inc. is a manufacturer of packaged foods and beverages, focusing primarily on private label products for both grocery retailers and food-away-from-home operators.

Statement of support

"The Sustainable Coffee Challenge provides us the opportunity to join our roasting partners and customers in bringing sustainably sourced coffee to consumers. We will continue to share the outstanding efforts and accomplishments in this important initiative."

Action Networks
Partner Since October 2018

Our Commitments

TreeHouse pledges to work with our Employees, our Customers, and our Roaster Partners to support sustainably sourced coffee initiatives. Specifically:
* Employees: Provide on-going education on the benefits of sustainably sourced coffee
* Customers: Provide a portfolio of sustainably sourced coffee options to meet our customers’ sustainability initiatives for their private label brands
* Roaster Partners: Partner with our roasters to measure and track the percentage growth in sustainably sourced coffee we provide to our customers.
Increase our sustainable coffee product offerings 20% by the year 2025. Sustainability options to include Fair Trade USA, Rainforest Alliance, and/or direct trade verified coffee.