Summit Coffee Co.

Summit Coffee has been in the café business since 1998, with our flagship store still in the same 19th century building in Davidson, North Carolina. Basecamp, as we call it, provides the physical roots of Summit’s story. At the heart of our cafés is a design and focus aimed at bringing people together, providing them with remarkable coffee and experiences, and making positive impacts in our communities.

With coffee, Summit’s commitment to relationships begins with an approach to sourcing. Through making trips around the world every few months to find and revisit coffee producers, to working with the same farmers and cooperatives year after year, Summit values relationships above all else in the supply chain. We’re committed to finding the harmony of remarkable coffee, sourced responsibly from great partners, and roasted in small batches at our certified organic facility. From here, we distribute nationwide to our own cafés, partners, and customers.

Statement of support

At Summit Coffee, sustainability is an all encompassing idea spanning everything from relationship building to environmental concerns. As such, we strive to make responsible, creative, and sustainable decisions within every realm of the business. Joining the Sustainable Coffee Challenge will allow us to think deeper, learn from and share with others, and to ultimately help make the coffee value chain as sustainable as possible.

Partner Since 2021

Our Commitments

Summit Coffee Co. has created its own Relationship Coffee practice which applies to about 70% of our coffees. Our goal is to get this number to 100% by 2024. Relationship Coffee is designed to encourage long-term relationship building meaning we have either visited the farmer directly at origin and purchased their coffee, or we've worked with the producer and purchased their harvest for at least 3 consecutive years. Relationship Coffee also allows Summit to prioritize working with female producers whenever possible.


June 2023

For many years, Summit Coffee averaged around 70% of our green coffee purchases meeting our Relationship Coffee standard. Some years, like in 2021, we only achieved 46%. That was due to buying coffee from a number of new coffee farmers and cooperatives, due to growth within our company. And due to Covid, we haven't gone on any origin trips for a few years, something we are planning on doing again soon. But in 2022, we achieved 88% Relationship Coffee, something that we are very proud of!

Status 88% complete
Target date 2024
Countries targeted Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Rwanda