Headquartered in Switzerland since 1957, Selecta Group is a Food Tech company with a leading route-based, self-service distribution network in Europe. We offer innovative convenience food services and world-class quality coffee brands in the workplace and public spaces across Europe. We owe our success to our 7,000 highly skilled, dedicated, and passionate associates who deliver millions of moments of joy for our clients and their consumers every day.

Statement of support

We are committed to sourcing our coffee responsibly while having a positive impact on the countries and communities we source from. Through the Selecta Coffee Fund, we invest in farm-level programs in the coffee-growing communities we purchase from, and we collaborate with our supply chain partners to build long-term relations and support farmer livelihoods, social equity, and thriving ecosystems.

Action Networks
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Our Commitments

We are committed to support >2,500 farmer families directly and more than 15.000 indirectly through the Selecta Coffee Fund [SCF] by 2025. The SCF contributes to sustainability initiatives throughout our value chain, with a focus on supporting the development of coffee farmers, their families and their communities in coffee growing areas around the world. Through the SCF, we focus on four impact areas: i. Farmer Prosperity ii. Social Equity iii. Ecosystem Protection iv. Carbon Reduction and Climate Resilience. We do this by investing in farm-level programs in regions where we source coffee for Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters, in close collaboration with supply chain partners.


July 4th, 2022

The Burundi project builds upon a network of certified farmers and takes the next step – beyond certification – to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers. Our program targets more than 11,000 farmers that are centered around 11 coffee washing stations in the Mumirwa region. In the Good Agriculture Practices [GAP] program, 434 lead farmers have received training: 381 men and 43 women. In Rwanda, by the end of 2021, at total of 319 farmers had received GAP training, of whom 96 were women.

Status 25% complete
Target date 2025
Countries targeted Burundi, Colombia, Honduras, Rwanda, Vietnam

100% of our own Pelican Rouge branded coffees are certified by Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance, recognized sustainability standards.

In partnership with: Supply Chain Partners and Rainforest Alliance & Fairtrade.


July 4th, 2022

In 2021, 58% of the coffee roasted by Pelican Rouge was certified by the Fairtrade or UTZ/Rainforest Alliance sustainability schemes. In 2022, our goal is to source only certified coffee [100%] for Pelican Rouge-branded coffee.

Status 35% complete
Target date 2023
Countries targeted Africa, Asia, South America

Selecta commits to be net zero, from farm to cup. For Scope 1 and 2 emissions, our goal is to become climate neutral by 2030. For Scope 3 emissions directly connected to our coffee supply chain, we aim to be climate neutral by 2040. Through the Selecta Coffee Fund, we aim to actively reduce and compensate CO2 at the coffee farm level.

In partnership with: Suppliers and Coffee Farmers Cooperations in our supply chain

Target date 2030
Countries targeted Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Honduras, Rwanda, Vietnam