San Francisco Bay Coffee Co.

San Francisco Bay Coffee is a Rogers Family Company founded in 1979 by Jon and Barbara Rogers. Mr Jon decided to start a family business and invested all his retirement found in purchasing a nearly bankrupt coffee and tea company in 3rd street of San Francisco California.

The company grew from 100,000 lbs to more than 40 million lbs a year, all great quality coffee with five core principles:

1. Treat everyone like family.

2. Everyone should win.

3. No “me too” products – always be better.

4. Make the world a better place.

5. Make sure that everyone who touches our coffee, from the plants to the roasted beans to the steaming cup, benefits from the process.

The Rogers family company has helped thousands of farmers around Latina America, Africa and Indonesia, on its mission of finding the best coffees our company has also stablish direct trade relationships paying farmers above cost of production, helping them to increase productivity and quality and in general increase quality of life for farmers their family and their workers.

Producer / Co-op
Partner Since 2024

Our Commitments

Create a Sustainable Profitability farmer training program for our supply chain and geographic area of influence including Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Indonesia with the objective of reducing agro-inputs, cost of farming, labor requirements, and at the same time, increase productivity by 2027.

Target date 2027
Countries targeted Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Rwanda