Ritma Greens

Our Commitments

Ritma Green [www.ritma-green.com] is a social enterprise working to introduce and facilitate climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies and practices for smallholder coffee farmers in Sulawesi Island - Indonesia where some well-known specialty coffee like Toraja, Kalosi, Mamasa, and Bawakaraeng are cultivated. Climate-smart technologies and practices introduced [our commitments for this challenge] are climate-tolerant seedlings, biogas [for cooking and fertilizing coffee crops], solar dryer dome for coffee drying, rurak [holes to restore soil nutrients], agro-forestry, and integrated farming with livestock. Furthermore, it assists the marketing of farmers' products [green beans, roasted, and ground coffee] to enable also [re]investment to the above technologies and practices. Partnering with farmer organizations like farmer groups, cooperatives, and village-owned enterprises, the social enterprise also improves the organizations' business capacity and will facilitate micro-insurance [www.bungkesmas.org] to provide health and education social security net for the members and their families.

Target date 2030
Countries targeted Indonesia