RGC Coffee

Family and community are at the core of what defines RGC’s values, which we’ve held onto since inception over 50 years ago. Founded by Ron Gabbay, a veteran of the coffee industry, the company imports for the premium and specialty coffee markets and offers roasters in-depth and independent expertise.

Statement of support

17 years ago, our President, Ron set forth to understand how to support and promote sustainability within his supply chains. Along the way, we learned that collaboration would be the key to unlocking the power of our work. Today, the SCC provides an opportunity to work together as trusted partners to make a great impact at an even greater scale.” Angela Pelaez, Sustainability Manager, RGC Americas.

Action Networks
Partner Since 2019

Our Commitments

Long term viability of coffee supply chains depend on the success of women coffee producers and passing on coffee traditions to the next generation. RGC is committed to empowering women to foster family prosperity in coffee regions where we work.

Target date 2020
Countries targeted South America

Fostering farmworkers' dignity and wellbeing is RGC's commitment. RGC is encouraging a dwindling labor force to actively participate in coffee production. The main objective is to meet the needs of farmworkers, producers, and local organizations while identifying solutions that will make employment within the coffee industry more viable.

Target date 2020
Countries targeted South America

RGC is committed to join efforts with farmers to tackle adverse effects of climate change, specifically water scarcity and water pollution.

Target date 2021
Countries targeted South America