Redstart Roasters

Redstart Roasters was originally formed in 2017 as the intersection of a considerable coffee habit and an affinity for birds. In the short time since, it has grown substantially in operation and scope, and is increasingly poised to make major inroads to its two goals — sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffees and bringing awareness to the importance of sustainable growing practices with regard to bird habitats.

Our conservation mission began simply as only sourcing coffees having earned the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center’s Bird-Friendly coffee certification. We now also source from growers that pass our own vetting process that accounts for ecological diversity and the often arduous certification process until such a time that the certification evolves to meet their needs.

Based in the East End of Pittsburgh, Redstart Roasters remains dedicated to expanding our local coffee culture and extending the reach of our global impact on conserving this crucial habitats.

Statement of support

Founded in 2017, Redstart Roasters is a sustainable bird friendly microroaster based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dedicated in equal measure to roasting quality coffee and supporting worldwide conservation efforts, their goal is to create something special for coffee drinkers and ecosystems alike.

Redstart Roasters' mission is one of coffee and sustainability and, as such, we are proud to support the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

Action Networks

Our Commitments

Redstart Roasters commits to leverage its foundational software and data analytics background to forge a path into its sustainability-driven and conservation-focused future.


June 2023

Having largely resolved our difficulties presented by supply chain issues in the previous year, Redstart Roasters has spent the past reporting period focusing on industry outreach and collaboration. Through numerous meetings with our friends at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and long-awaited in-person meetings with smaller microlot coffee farms, we've acquired a great deal of informed insight on coffee production and the choices that can be made in each step of the supply chain -- from farms to importers to roasters to retailers -- to have the most measurable effect on overall sustainability.

With these conversations in mind, we hope to move into the future with more nuanced and actionable solutions that can allow our small roasting operation to have the biggest impact possible.

Status 55% complete
Target date 2020
Countries targeted USA