Founded in 1914, Meira is the 2nd biggest roastery in Finland, the worlds’ most heavily coffee consuming country per capita. Meira’s brands are always a reliable and a sustainable choice. Sustainability is the cornerstone of Meira’s operations and is reflected in our goals and in practical actions throughout the company’s value chain.

Meira is part of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group S.p.A. one of the leading brands worldwide in the production, processing and marketing of roasted coffee, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange [MZB.MI]. The Group operates 18 facilities across Europe, Asia and the Americas, a global network of about 400 coffee shops in 50 countries. Moreover, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group completes the range of its products through the sale of professional coffee machines “La San Marco” and complementary products, such as tea, cocoa, chocolate and top-quality spices.

Statement of support

“These days, our customers, consumers and our employees expect sustainability to permeate our entire value chain. Finns consume almost 55 kg of coffee a year and one in four cups drunk originates in our coffee roastery in Helsinki. We are doing everything we can to increasingly provide verifiably sustainable coffee to our customers and consumers. Thus, we are happy to join Sustainable Coffee Challenge and publish our target of purchasing 100% certified or sustainable verified coffee by 2022.”

- Marleena Bask, Strategy & Sustainability Director.

Partner Since 2021

Our Commitments

We want to purchase 100% certified or sustainable verified green coffee by 2022 through yearly increments of 20%. The intermediate steps towards reaching our goal are:

2019: 40% [will be achieved]

2020: 60%

2021: 80%

2022: 100%

By gradually increasing the percentage of certified or sustainable verified coffee purchased each year, we want to send a strong message in the market and make consumers more aware of, and therefore support, our efforts towards the consumption of sustainable coffee. More certified coffee purchased will also bring about positive changes relating to environmental and social impacts of conventional coffee.


June 2023

In 2022, 83% of the green coffee purchased by Meira was certified or sustainable verified. The new goal to reach 100% is by the end of 2023.

Status 83% complete
Target date 2022
Countries targeted Global