Louis Dreyfus Company

Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods. We leverage our global reach and extensive asset network to serve our customers and consumers around the world, delivering the right products to the right location, at the right time – safely, reliably and responsibly. Our activities span the entire value chain from farm to fork, across a broad range of business lines [platforms]. Since 1851 our portfolio has grown to include Grains & Oilseeds, Coffee, Cotton, Juice, Rice, Sugar, Freight and Global Markets. We help feed and clothe some 500 million people every year by originating, processing and transporting approximately 80 million tons of products. Structured as a matrix organization of six geographical regions and eight platforms, Louis Dreyfus Company is active in over 100 countries and employs approximately 17 000 people globally.

Statement of support

As a leading global merchant of green coffee, we strive to promote sustainable practices throughout the coffee value chain. As we believe such practices necessarily include carbon-efficient production and farmer welfare, we choose to work directly with coffee growers in the field, supporting them through initiatives that aim to increase their productivity and decrease their climate impact through sustainable practices. Louis Dreyfus Company is proud to join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, alongside like-minded members who share our collaborative approach to driving improved and sustainable practices in the coffee sector.

Action Networks
Partner Since 2021

Our Commitments

By 2025, source 70% of all the coffee purchased from suppliers who agreed to the 2020 version of our coffee supplier Code of Conduct; and

Trace 20% of coffee purchased from suppliers who agreed to the 2020 version of our coffee supplier Code of Conduct to farm level

Target date 2025
Countries targeted Global