Kauai Coffee Company

As the largest coffee grower in Hawaii, Kauai Coffee Company is dedicated to growing coffee with the genuine love that lies within the spirit of aloha. For this reason, Kauai Coffee Company employs a wide array of advanced sustainability practices with the goal of continuous improvement. With 3,100 acres of land serviced through 2,400 miles of drip irrigation, drone usage that allows for active mapping and crop monitoring, and trial plots dedicated to varietal research, Kauai Coffee Company is committed to employing sustainable practices in order to care for our two most important resources…our land and our people.

Statement of support

"Kauai Coffee Company fully supports the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and has taken the guiding principles to heart. We are not only putting these principles into place on our estate, but we welcome the opportunity to contribute to the world of coffee by sharing our lessons and technology." - General Manager, Fred Cowell

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Our Commitments

Kauai Coffee Company believes that strong soil is of utmost importance to sustainability; healthy soil provides coffee with a strong foundation for growth and is expected to allow for decreased synthetic fertilizer and water usage. With 8 – 10% of Kauai Coffee Company’s 3,100 acres already dependent on a combination of thermophilic compost and cover crop for soil remediation, Kauai Coffee Company vows to increase the orchard land area treated with thermophilic compost and cover crop to 30% by December 2023 (target date updated; originally June of 2022).

In partnership with: Massimo Zanetti Beverage


September 2023

With the challenges outlined in our last update continuing on, we are proud of the progress that we have maintained - and slightly improved upon - since our last update. Since that time, we have increased the total area mowed/treated, and are currently mowing/treating 11.00% of our total available acreage, working diligently towards our goal of 30% despite these many challenges.

Status 35% complete
Target date 2023
Countries targeted North America