Gorongosa Coffee

Gorongosa is now employing coffee to restore their rainforests and provide a sustainable financing mechanism for human development and conservation initiatives in and around the park. Partnering with specialty green bean coffee experts, community farmers plant coffee seedlings alongside native rainforest saplings to produce shade-grown coffee and giving local farmers livelihoods that now enable reforestation instead of deforestation. Our goal is that in 5 years, sales from the coffee and future natural products we export from Gorongosa will fund the majority of the park's annual operating budget. We are pioneering this new model for financing conservation and are passionate about sharing the model and replicating it to other conservation areas if we can get proof of concept for Gorongosa.

Statement of support

Gorongosa Coffee is grown on Mount Gorongosa in partnership with local farmers to provide a sustainable livelihood integrated into the land-use management plans of Gorongosa National Park to restore the rich rainforests of Mount Gorongosa.

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Partner Since May 2020

Our Commitments

We commit to use coffee as a means to restore the rainforests of Gorongosa, both planting native rainforest saplings alongside our coffee and providing dependable livelihood alternatives to the farmers so they no longer have to cut the rainforest to earn a living. Furthermore, we commit to using the profits generated from the sales of our premium finished coffee products to support human development programming to support farmer communities and conservation activities to protect and restore Gorongosa National Park.

Target date 2023
Countries targeted Mozambique