Gorilla Conservation Coffee

Gorilla Conservation Coffee supports farmers living next to gorilla habitats through paying a premium and training farmers in sustainable coffee farming and processing, which helps to protect the critically endangered gorillas. Proceeds from every bag sold support gorilla conservation and community health NGO programs of Conservation Through Public Health, www.ctph.org

Statement of support

"Gorilla Conservation Coffee was started in 2015 to create a sustainable source of income for coffee farmers living around habitats where critically endangered gorillas are found to reduce their dependence on the forest to meet basic needs for food and fuel wood. Teaming up with other organizations in the Sustainable Coffee Challenge will help us achieve a balanced planet." Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Founder, Gorilla Conservation Coffee.

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Partner Since July 2018

Our Commitments

Support 500 farmers around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, with training in sustainable agricultural practices that conserve soil and water, agroforestry, and give the farmers above market prices for premium or specialty coffee that will be sold to tourists, and lifestyle and health and sustainability [LOHAS] consumers in Uganda and internationally while building a global coffee brand that is saving gorillas one sip at a time. Among the coffee farmers include reformed poachers, women and youth and men; where we are reducing their dependence on the mountain gorillas’ habitat to meet their basic needs for food and fuel wood. A donation from every coffee bag sold will go to support Conservation Through Public Health’s community health gorilla health and conservation education programs in the same communities.

Target date 2023
Countries targeted Uganda