At Fairfood, we strive for food chains that bring prosperity to all. We offer innovative solutions that enable agri-food businesses to improve their responsible business practices. Open and attainable solutions that are designed to democratise the world of food. We actively engage all supply chain actors involved – from farmer to retailer and consumer – aiming to contribute to the socio-economic prosperity of farmers and food workers.

Statement of support

Working on fair food supply chains, in which value is distributed proportionally and issues such as modern slavery, indecent working conditions and child labour are non-existent – that is the very right to existence of Fairfood. We acknowledge that it takes more than one ambitious, good-willing supply chain stakeholder to reach such a goal, and see the value of strategic partnerships. We facilitate such partnerships, simultaneously developing smart innovations that improve the transparency, traceability and ultimately fair value distribution within supply chains. The Sustainable Coffee Challenge offers us the opportunity to share both our tools and knowledge.

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Partner Since 2021

Our Commitments

Time calls for transparency and traceability. As a business, knowing where your products come from and who was involved in the production is the first step in being able to take responsibility for and solve any issues in the chain. In two pilot projects, Fairfood and Solidaridad will prove the business case for transparency and traceability, while simultaneously exploring and developing new functionalities of an existing traceability tool, Trace, that will help raise the income of (coffee) farmers.

In partnership with: Solidaridad Network, Trust Africa

Target date 2025
Countries targeted Honduras, Uganda