Enveritas provides sustainability verification for all coffee producers, particularly those who have traditionally been beyond the reach of existing sustainability assurance schemes. We offer a different way of addressing sustainability—an approach that highlights what producers are doing well, while encouraging a deeper understanding and commitment to solving the most challenging sustainability issues.

Statement of support

Many barriers to sustainability in the coffee sector are systemic and require more than a single entity’s actions to solve. By working together to understand issues, set priorities, design programs and policies, and leverage resources, we collectively can make meaningful progress against the root cause issues standing in the way of coffee sustainability. As a non-profit working to provide assurance for where things are working and insights on where improvement is needed, Enveritas sees the Sustainable Coffee Challenge as an important platform for aligning understanding, priorities, and action.

Nonprofit or Institution
Partner Since July 2019

Our Commitments

By 2022, Enveritas will apply geospatial machine learning to develop a new AI model to detect deforestation in the coffee growing regions globally.


June 2022

We are extending the commitment out to 2025.

Status 15% complete
Target date 2022
Countries targeted Global