Elements Coffee

Elements is a project aimed at promoting sustainable coffee in the Czech Republic. We are mainly focusing on more sustainable packaging, information for consumers about the coffee sustainability issues and new approaches of making sustainable coffee more accessible everywhere in the country, so that anyone can support better and more sustainable coffee. With our efforts we hope that more sustainable coffee will move beyond small cafes and speciality shops to everyday households.

Statement of support

"In Elements we believe that awareness and information about issues in coffee production is essential in bringing about change that is so needed across the supply chain. We also believe that such change can only be achieved through cooperation and unified roadmap to ensure the maximum impact is achieved. That is why we fully support the Sustainable Coffee Challenge as a way to connect local efforts and global efforts to make coffee the first sustainably sourced agricultural product in the world."

Action Networks
Partner Since December 2019

Our Commitments

By the end of 2020, we will create an online campaign focused at promoting sustainable coffee and acknowledging general public in the Czech Republic about issues in coffee sustainability and ways of supporting sustainable coffee.


January 2020

We are now in stage of campaign preparation, collecting insights and information to prepare exact aims and objectives that can be achieved within our resources.

Status 10% complete
Target date 2021
Countries targeted Czech Republic