Ekó Café Ético

Our Savoir-faire is to Nurture Brazil's Extraordinary Coffees in an ethical, transparent, responsible and sustainable manner.

Humanities future is dependent on our ability to produce sustainable resources today. By giving our people the resources required to produce the necessities of life, we will reduce the need for conflict with, and suppression of our neighbors, locally, and globally. EKÓ coffee + FC Agroflorestal Coffea (FCAC) expresses its responsibility for our future by promoting and rewarding agroforestry systems, organic certifications, and the guarantee that 100% of the coffee produced is purchased at a value required to sustain the system. FCAC’s bond with Café Amazonia Agroflorestal, the first sustainable agroforestry coffee in the Brazilian Amazon, solidifies the value chain that brings this one-of-a-kind Amazonian coffee to the world and dares to be the example of a new restorative model that ensures the sustainability of coffee in the future.

Partner Since August 2018

Our Commitments

Being a Brasílian Origin coffee value chain custodian, we have chines to be Net Zero firm by 2027. DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION AND BELONGING (DEIB) In all aspects of our business using UN SDGs

Target date 2025
Countries targeted Brazil