ecogrounds Coffee

ecogrounds satisfies your uncompromising taste and thirst for a better world. We source 100% certified coffees with an emphasis on Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade. ecogrounds operations and community development programs complement the environmental stewardship of our farmer partners, ensuring that our positive impacts are felt where coffee grows, roasts, and brews. We constantly ask how every aspect of our business can be greener, cleaner, and fairer.

Statement of support

Leading coffee to a more sustainable future means collective effort from farmers, roasters, retailers, and coffee drinkers all over the world. Taking part in this global effort and aligning ecogrounds business practices with broader goals of sustainable development is an honor. We depend on each other and inspire each other to do a little better every day.

Partner Since September 2019

Our Commitments

Improve farmer livelihoods by investing in water wells for clean water access in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Target date 2020
Countries targeted Nicaragua

Ensure the long-term sustainability of coffee in a changing climate by investing a portion of all coffee purchases in World Coffee Research. The more coffee we purchase, the bigger our contribution in coffee hybrids that will adapt to shifting environments and conditions.

In partnership with: World Coffee Research

Target date 2023
Countries targeted Global