Counter Culture Coffee

Statement of support

“As a company that has been involved with a number of coffee industry initiatives over the years, we're very excited at the prospect of creating a common framework for defining and measuring sustainable coffee to help connect industry efforts. I think this framework will facilitate more collaboration among small and medium-sized companies and allow us to make more impactful investments at origin.” Meredith Taylor, Sustainability Manager, Counter Culture Coffee


Our Commitments

We’re committed to directing $0.01/lb of coffee sold into our Seeds fund [amounting to over $25,000 a year]. The Seeds program supports projects that producers identify as being beneficial to their community. Many of these producer-driven projects funded fall under the category of the SCC targets, for example:

Improve Livelihoods: planting macadamia nut trees or building and maintaining bee apiaries.

Conserve Nature: creating a nursery for shade/diversification trees

Sustain Supply: helping establish coffee seedling nurseries

We commit to funding World Coffee Research’s work through a donation of $0.005/lb green coffee purchased.

We commit to calculating our business’ greenhouse gas emissions.


June 2022

In 2021, we accrued $58,503.37 in our budget to award sustainability grants to coffee producers. During the same time period, we awarded $27,700 in grants to fund programs centered on income diversification, environmental sustainability, and food security.

In 2021, we also contributed $18,377 to World Coffee Research.

Our total carbon footprint for 2021 was 725.25 tonnes CO2e and we are offsetting this through a partnership with Trees, water, and people in a project to install clean cookstoves in rural Honduras.

Status 100% complete
Target date 2021
Countries targeted Global