Climate Neutral Group

Since our foundation in 2002 we have supported more than 3000 companies on their journey to become climate neutral [net Zero] reducing their impact on the environment. Our Climate Neutral Certification Program, developed under the Code of Conduct of ISEAL, provides companies a framework and the tools to acquire insight in their carbon footprint and gradually reduce greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement while offsetting residual emissions.
Through offsetting our clients have supported multiple projects in forest conservation, restoration and renewable energy. Coffee roasters and brands certified against our standard are audited on a regular basis by independent certification bodies and may use our Climate Neutral Certified trademark on the packaging of coffee products.

Statement of support

Climate Neutral Group is passionate about creating positive climate and social-economic impact. We are happy to join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge since we are convinced that through collaboration with multiple stakeholders in the coffee supply chain, we can maximise positive climate and social-economic impact in the coffee sector. Climate Neutral Group is fully dedicated to support companies in the coffee sector to achieve their sustainable sourcing and climate goals further reducing the carbon footprint in the entire coffee supply chain from farmer to consumer.

Action Networks
Partner Since March 2021

Our Commitments

We are committed to GHG Reduction:

- At farm level by developing and implementing programs to reduce and sequester carbon through regenerative agriculture and agroforestry practices and more traditional measures such as biodigesters/renewable energy interventions. Resulting carbon benefits can be used for insetting purposes or to generate carbon offsets both supporting the socio-economic benefits for farmers.

- At market level through the development of demand for climate neutral certified coffee.

- At supply chain level by promoting technical solutions such as renewable fuels, smarter packaging, and improved production methods.

Our ambition is a removal or sequestration of at least 1 million tons of CO2eq in coffee supply chains by 2025.

Target date 2025
Countries targeted Global