Cafexport S.A.R.L Sucursal Colombia

Cafexport is more than a coffee trader, we are committed to create long lasting relationships with our clients, strengthening the value chains, working side by side with cooperatives in Colombia and collaborating with different public and private organizations that are willing to drive coffee growers towards prosperity.

Statement of support

"In Cafexport we propose a unique model to serve the coffee industry through a wide platform of services that allows selected buyers to obtain any required volumes with high specifications. Our mission is to create positive economic, social and environmental impact in the areas we source the coffee, we are committed to strengthen our value chains and work to create more resilient communities." Felipe Arbelaez, Project Director, Cafexport

Action Networks
Partner Since September 2018

Our Commitments

Reduce the amount of water used to benefit coffee through the implementation of infrastructure

In partnership with: Nespresso, Corporación Autónoma de Caldas, Cooperativas de Caficultores de Aguadas, Norte de Caldas y alto Occidente

Target date 2018
Countries targeted Colombia

Implement water treatment systems at farm level in order to treat the coffee wastewater from the wet milling process and thus reduce the environmental pollution

In partnership with: Nespresso, Corporación Autónoma de Caldas y Comité Departamental de Cafeteros de Caldas

Target date 2018
Countries targeted Colombia