Cafe Najjar

The Najjar story has been one of search and exploration towards refining and bringing to the world an exclusive and distinct coffee experience. Our history is one of heritage, tradition, dedication and improvement. The Najjar family name has become synonymous with the freshest and best tasting coffees in the region. Our commitment and passion to constantly improve our products has proven to be very fruitful as we have become a cultural signature when it comes to coffee in the region.

Statement of support

“From the center of the Middle East, Café Najjar has been serving his customers around the world with the highest quality coffee and breakthrough innovations since 1957. We are joining the challenge of sustainability and we collaborate with our partners, suppliers ,clients and employees for this amazing opportunity to share our passion for coffee and that this passion turns to action for a sustainable future.”

Action Networks
Partner Since January 2021

Our Commitments

We commit to source certified coffee for our most growing item ''Raqwa''. The aim is to improve the resilience of coffee supply, to use our most growing product to promote sustainable coffee and to contribute in the improvement of the livelihoods of farmers & forest communities by engaging consumers through awareness-raising on sustainable consumption.


June 2021

As of January 2021, starting in June 2020, 10% of our green coffee purchased for RAQWA Capsules was sourced from certified sustainable sources.

Status 10% complete
Target date 2025
Countries targeted Brazil, Ethiopia

The program aims to contribute towards food security, clean & sustainable use of energy and environmental conservation. Thus we are introducing a closed loop recycling system, for the waste produced at crop operations having livestock by investing in the installation of Biogas Plant for farmers, which takes a significant part in increasing the share of renewable energy and bio-slurry fertilizer for increased agricultural productivity and soil health.


June 2022

We've assisted till June 2022, in supporting the implementation of 10 Biodigesters in different county of Kenya, that help generating cash savings by replacing gases, firewood and fertilizers as well contribute to environmental conservation in producing bio-fertilizer for the estates.

Status 65% complete
Target date 2023
Countries targeted Kenya