Buna Qela Charity Association

Our Commitments

Buna Qela applies sustainable livelihood approaches that provide framework for addressing poverty and vulnerability in both development and humanitarian contexts.

Engage in environmental protection and development; work with local communities and encourage management practices that conserve local natural resources, biodiversity and environmental protection-increase public environment awareness and advocacy through training, meeting, media etc.

. Farmers manage old coffee stands that are poorly managed, and hence the productivity is low. This needs improvement through improved management practices like organic fertilizer application, pruning, stumping as well as planting quality coffee seedlings. Even though there is inherent quality, care during harvesting and post harvest handling are critical to get quality coffee. Coffee farmers lack basic skills and required skills to properly handle harvesting and post harvest cares. Further, farmers also get better prices if their farms are certified using different standards like Organic, Fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance. Organizng farmers into economically feasible groups and trainings on the requirements of certification standards are equally vital.

Target date 2023
Countries targeted Ethiopia