British Coffee Association

The British Coffee Association (BCA) is a membership-based organisation representing the UK coffee industry on key technical, regulatory and sustainability issues and facilitates networking and training opportunities for its members.

Statement of support

“Creating a sustainable future for coffee at every stage of the supply chain is an imperative for the industry. For this reason, the British Coffee Association is proud to support the Sustainable Coffee Challenge as one of the global drivers aiming to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product. We hope that the values of the British Coffee Association, in putting sustainability issues at the heart of our work in the UK, will help to further enhance collaboration opportunities and continue to drive forwards this important initiative.” – Chris Stemman, Executive Director, British Coffee Association

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Partner Since November 2018

Our Commitments

The BCA published its first Sustainability Mission in September 2017, outlining the key objectives that it believes will help enable the sector to continue to grow and thrive as a fully sustainable industry, both now and in the future. It aims to provide a collaborative and pre-competitive platform for the UK coffee industry to take tangible action in working towards the BCA Sustainability Mission and Objectives.

As our Committee moves forwards, we will be looking at creating strong position statements to evidence the three pillars of our work and act as a single voice on key sustainability issues. By joining the partnership of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, BCA expresses its commitment to provide a link to global coffee sustainability initiatives in order to share knowledge, best practice guidelines and to inspire its members to take action towards common sustainability goals.

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Target date 2025
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