Barka Coffee Statement

We created our cafe with a common passion, our love for coffee and its path from the plantation to our cups. It became our second home, we made every detail with our own hands to make our passion a reality. We found the best ways to build a relationship with our customers and shared the secrets of coffee with them.

Statement of support

As a Coffee Shop, we are strongly committed to the sustainability of the coffee farmers society. Our vision is to connect our customers with the opportunities that will bringing better lives to coffee farmers and their communities, because we would like to achieve the best taste in every cup of coffee, which represents the work of the coffee farmers and roasters. We believe that their work is important for the taste of each cup of coffee and should be felt in the taste.

Action Networks
Partner Since August 2020

Our Commitments

We will organize cinema evenings on sustainable coffee themes in our coffee shop. The films will be made entirely by us and will address the three main pillars of sustain- economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Target date 2024
Countries targeted Bulgaria

Our commitment is to give part of the income from the sale of our packaged coffee in our coffee shop.


May 10, 2021

We were able to acquaint our customers with the problems of farmers in growing coffee, the impact of climate change on their livelihood. Today, more people can make the right decision for whom to choose what coffee to buy or drink and to know that behind every cup of coffee is a lot of work, dedication and compromises before it comes to .

Status 100% complete
Target date 2021
Countries targeted Bulgaria, Czech Republic