Almacena Platform B.V.

At Almacena Platform we strive to enrich the lives of producers and consumers by creating world-changing technology that enables sustainable supply chains in Agriculture.

We recognize that the demand for a more responsible world is driving businesses to prioritize sustainability. However, producers often struggle to grow their businesses due to limited access to markets and the concentration of power on the buyers' side. Similarly, buyers face inefficiencies in the supply chain, particularly because of outdated paper processes and the lack of verified information and traceability.

We believe that technology can play a crucial role in enabling full visibility throughout the supply chain, providing producers with more opportunities to access markets and build a global business and helping buyers make smarter decisions with independent real-time data.

To achieve that, we will offer an unmatched supply of goods, an extensive portfolio of producers, a variety of services, comprehensive trade fulfillment tools, and deploying local teams in key markets.

Partner Since 2023

Our Commitments

Almacena Platform's public commitment is to increase the income of coffee farmers by at least 10% by connecting local exporters directly with international buyers and facilitating the trade with supply chain services and digital tools.

Target date 2026
Countries targeted Ethiopia