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4C certification applies high standards on economic, social and environmental conditions for coffee production and processing to establish sustainable, trustworthy and fair coffee supply chains.

The 4C Code of Conduct enables coffee farmers in 28 countries to participate in sustainable markets and profit from higher economic outcomes, improved and fair working conditions, and the preservation of precious landscapes and biodiversity.

Statement of support

4C Services has decided to become a partner in the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, strengthening and confirming our commitment to promote deforestation-free and climate friendly coffee supply chains and to support initiatives to mitigate climate change impact. We believe this decision will pave the way for collaboration with other stakeholders that are committed to address the challenging issues of the coffee sector, including how deforestation-free coffee supply chains can be verified using innovative tools and technologies based on remote sensing data and GIS technology.

Action Networks
Partner Since June 2019

Our Commitments

Aiming at increasing sustainable and deforestation-free supply chains through analysis of satellite images and biodiversity databases worldwide, 4C Services commits to support the Global Risk Assessment Services [GRAS] land use tool to add important coffee producing countries. This will increase the capacity of the GRAS tool to map land use change, deforestation, areas of high biodiversity, protected areas and other environmentally important data including alert information. Today, June 2019, the GRAS tool includes data for 9 coffee producing countries. The target is to increase the number of coffee producing countries up to 25 until 2021.

Target date 2021
Countries targeted Global