Did you know that by 2050, we will need 3X the amount of coffee we have today to keep everyone caffeinated? All this while the area suitable for coffee production could be cut in half! That’s right! You could be scrambling to find your morning cup of joe.

Coffee farmers are facing unprecedented challenges, including coffee disease outbreaks, aging trees and the on-going impacts of climate change. These challenges, coupled with low coffee prices, prevent many farmers from having sufficient funds to reinvest in their farms. Without this investment, our ability to keep the world caffeinated is in question.

Support Coffee Communities by Planting Trees

But you can help save coffee! Join us and support the efforts of coffee farmers in Colombia, Honduras and Peru to replant coffee and native forest trees by donating now. This is your chance to protect nature and support the hard-working farmers who grow your favorite beverage.

Every $10 donation you make will help plant 20 native forest trees. Sustainable Coffee Challenge partners will provide coffee seedlings to coffee farmers in these landscapes.

Why do farmers need trees?


  1. Protect coffee trees from high temperatures, heavy rainfall and strong winds.
  2. Generate additional income sources for farmers to support their families.
  3. Provide habitat for natural pest and disease controls that support strong coffee trees.
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