"In 1982 BellSystem24 started the full-fledged call center service in Japan. As part of our aim towards ""creating a workplace (community) that is kind and safe for our diverse human resources"" and achieving ""people-centric"" SDGs, the cafe is operated by our handicapped employees. We selected high-quality coffee beans made with high social significance from Mi cafeto. This is part of the project of Mae Fa Luang Foundation and Mi Cafeto, which is to support minority ethnic groups under poverty in the mountainous region of Thailand."

Statement of support

Committed to workforce diversity, Bellsystem24 opened an internal café at its headquarters in 2019 that is operated by employees with intellectual disabilities. They have been trained to serve the high quality coffee using sustainably sourced coffee from Mi Cafeto. By 2021, we will open at least three more locations of this internal café in our branch offices for our employee's wellbeing.

Action Networks
Partner Since April 2019

Our Commitments

We launched our first in-house café in February 2019.

All the coffee served at our café is sustainable coffee, supplied by Mi Cafeto.

We plan to establish more than 4 in-house cafés by 2021, which will increase the volume of sustainable coffee distribution.

In partnership with: Mi Cafeto


August 28, 2020

Our commitment is to open more than 4 in-house cafés by 2021 and have successfully launched 4 cafés at the moment.

We continuously plan to increase this number in the future.

Status 90% complete
Target date 2021
Countries targeted Global, Japan